Rent a bikes

Discover the area around Le Prieuré and visit the region by electric bike. Four VTC bikes are available to help you make the most of your stay in the countryside.

Our bikes

The four electrically-assisted bikes provided are Moka Cardan 26 mixed Alu size M bikes.
The electrically-assisted bicycles must be used on roads, greenways, cycle routes, cycle pathsand on carriageways only.
Please note that the electrically-assisted bicycles provided areare connected so that you can check that they are being used properly and that they are being maintained.


Bike hire + safety helmet :15€ half day20€ per day 

Rental conditions

To hire a bike, you need to sign a contract, so make sure you have your ID with you.
These rules set out the conditions under which users can make use of the services providedby the Communauté de Communes du Jovinien's Electrically Assisted Bicycle hire service.Hire will only be permitted after receipt of the supporting documents, deposit and payment requested and signature of thethese regulations.
The VAE hire service is accessible within the limits of the VAEs made available by the Communauté deCommunes du Jovinien, except in cases of force majeure or in the event of the competent authorities imposing a total or partial, temporary or definitive restriction on the use of VAEs.or partial, temporary or definitive, restriction on cycle traffic, or except in the event of maintenance of the operating service.service.The Communauté de Communes du Jovinien may not, under any circumstances, be held responsible in the event of suspension ofof the VAE hire service due to an event of force majeure or imposed for safety reasons.
ARTICLE 2: GENERAL CONDITIONSConditions of access to the hire service:Subject to prior acceptance of these terms and conditions, the EAB hire service is accessible to any person referred to as a "customer", who meets the following conditionsperson referred to as the "Customer", meeting all of the conditions set out below:2.1: The customer declares that he/she is capable of riding the rented bike. He/she must be fit to cycle and have no medicalmedical contraindication. He/she is the guardian and responsible for the bicycle from the start of the hire period until it is returned.(art.1383 and 1384 of the French Civil Code).2.2 : The customer must comply strictly with the Highway Code.2.3 : The customer undertakes to use the rented bicycle with the utmost care, to ride only on suitable roads, not topavements while on the bike, not to carry a person or child on the luggage rack, nor to carry a load on the bike.carry a person or child on the luggage rack, or a load of more than 12 kg, and to wear a helmet.2.4 Under no circumstances will the Prieuré du Preux be held liable for any damage or loss suffered or caused by the use of its bicycles.caused by the customer during the use or storage of the vehicle.2.5 Minors may use the bicycles provided they are accompanied by a responsible person who is ofadult.2.6 : The customer must provide proof of identity.2.7: Any subletting by the customer is prohibited.
Conditions for borrowing the VAE :The Customer shall sign a hire contract. Signing this contract implies acceptance of these generalterms and conditions of access to and use of the EAB hire service.
The customer :Must check that the bike they are borrowing is in good working order (brakes, tyre inflation...),▪ Undertakes to waive any right of recourse to his insurers against the EAB hire service for the aforementioned damage.VAE for the aforementioned damage,▪ Takes note of the fact that the VAE rental service is not the manufacturer of the equipment and, as such, cannotbe held responsible for any defects relating to its manufacture.▪ The Customer undertakes to do everything in his power to prevent theft and damage, regardless of the cause or circumstances, to protect the EAB and to ensure that it is not damaged.circumstances, to protect the EAB in the event of bad weather and to secure it (attached to an object fixed to the groundand remove the battery).

Rental period and rates:Bikes can be hired for a half-day or a full day. The bike and its accessoriesmust be returned by the user on the date specified in the hire contract.The condition of the bike is checked in the presence of the customer when it is returned. The same checks will be carried out when the bike ison return.The deposit cheque is returned to the hirer when the bike is returned, except in application of the following article

ARTICLE 3: CONFIDENTIALITY AND USE OF PERSONAL DATAThe data collected is processed for the purpose of managing the EAB hire service.It is intended exclusively for the Communauté de Communes du Jovinien, which undertakes to comply with theregulations in force regarding the processing and storage of personal and confidential data, and in particularin particular law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and civil liberties.Declares that it accepts all the terms and conditions of the rental contract set out above.



IN TOWN :▪ Ride on the right-hand side of the carriageway, approximately 1 metre from the pavement and from parkedparked cars.▪ Use cycle lanes or paths and dual carriageways where they exist.▪ Keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from other vehicles.▪ Do not zigzag between cars.▪ Brake using both brakes at the same time.▪ At intersections, position yourself slightly in front of vehicles to make yourself seen.▪ Watch out for doors that open suddenly and for children who may stumble betweentwo vehicles.▪ Do not ride on pavements. Only children on bicycles under the age of 8 are allowed there.▪ In encounter zones, do not travel at more than 20 km/h and respect pedestrian priority.▪ In 30 km/h zones and contact zones, bicycles can travel in both directions. Two-waydirection allows you to benefit from better visibility and avoid major traffic arteries, tosimplify routes
ON THE ROAD:▪ Don't drive too close to the shoulder, to avoid ruts or gravel.▪ On bends, keep to the right as cars only see you at the last moment.▪ Be particularly careful when a lorry is passing: the air current could knock youyou off balance.▪ If you are riding in a group, ride in pairs abreast or in single file. At night, if you are overtakenby a vehicle or when circumstances require it (narrow road, etc.), always ride in single file.always ride in single file.▪ Whenever the EAB is not in use, attach the bicycle frame and front wheel to afixed support.▪ I undertake to comply with the safety instructions described above.
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